….right here in Skopelos. In my years here (from 1987 as a visitor and since 1996 as a permanent resident) I had never seen a scorpion until this summer. This season I’ve seen two; one squashed on the steps in the Kastro near Evangelistria church, and the other hiding under a machine in an outdoor work space at my house.

Brian and Elizabeth Ridout, in their “Field Guide to the Insects and Spiders of Skopelos”, point out on page 169 that the scorpions around here are “Euscorpius Sicanus”. The one in the photo was about 2cm long and, I discovered later, was non-life threatening. In fact, the Ridouts and others suggest that the “sting” of this variety is no worse that a mosquito bite. Their main dining targets are wood lice and small insects.

A “Duckduckgo” (an alternative search engine to the intrusive Google) search (link) turns up some interesting images of scorpions of this genus (and others).

So the chances that one of these will sting you to paralysis, drag you to its dank and dark lair to feast upon you for two weeks (or months, or years) are slight. But there’s always a first time…


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