Metal work in progress

While up in the Psalidi/Plakes area getting some good goat cheese at Spyro’s tyrokomeio, as usual I found other interesting things. Spyros and his son Michailis are in the process of landscaping the entrance to their cheese works with new retaining walls of dressed stone. To complete one phase of this on-going project a fine new 5+ meter rolling metal gate will be installed.

The gate is being pieced together by the ironworker Babis who is either Spyros’ “brother in law” or “son in law”.
(construction details were provided to me by one of Spyros’ Romanian goatherds in a seamless blend of tentative Greek and hesitant English)

In looking at artwork and craft, I’m far more interested in the process than the final result. Seeing finished work in a gallery or in situ isn’t as satisfying to me as observing or recognizing the creative successes and failures in the workshop or studio.

As it is, the gate so far hints roughly at the final result but “needs more work”. The blacksmith must connect missing links of the detail work and grind and smooth the surfaces before painting. Many of us have finished ironwork installed around our houses so it might be interesting for readers to see the “work in progress”.





2 thoughts on “Metal work in progress

  1. Tyrokomeio (Τυροκομείο) is a place that “cares” for (or makes or stores) cheese. Komeio appears a lot in Greek and signifies a place.
    Others that you may have heard are:
    νοσοκομείο Nosokomeio – a hospital
    βρεφοκομείο Vrefokomeio – an orphanage or place that cares for abandoned infants
    τρελοκομείο Trelokomeio – a mental hospital
    πτωχοκομείο Ptoxokomeio – a poor house ( a place which cares for the poor)
    μελισσοκομείο Melissokomeio – a place where a beekeeper puts his/her beehives.
    ορνιθοκομείο Ornithokomeio – a poultry farm

    There are more!

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