Missing Man

Another tragic “just going out for a walk” story which we hear about every few years on the islands in the summer.

A 30 year old vacationer from Thessaloniki has been missing in Alonissos since 30 August. The man had told his girlfriend that he was going for a walk but never returned.

Evidence collected from witnesses suggest that the fellow was seen or heard by fishermen at the port of Votsi that evening trying to untie a small boat. The fishermen called out to him and he dove into the sea fully clothed and swam towards the open sea.

A working fisherman said that when he was returning to Votsi from the sea at night, he heard a voice calling but, as there was no moon, he could not see from exactly where, nor could he understand what was being said.

One additional report suggests that the missing man had been seen earlier that evening swimming in the sea by passengers of an inflatable boat. The swimming man, according to the report, had attempted to board the inflatable, but, due to fear, they did not let him.

His backpack with his mobile phone were found on the shore but his clothing was found by divers on the Votsi sea bed.

Investigators and volunteers have scoured the sea from Marapounda to Kokkinokastro and the islands of “Peristeria” and “Two Brothers”.

The missing is named Giorgos Karamichailidis from Thessaloniki. He is thin with brown hair and eyes and has a height of 180-185cm. The card above suggests he is at risk due to health problems and reports are that those health problems are psychological in nature.


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