Grafting “stone” fruit trees

I came across this story recently which connects with Skopelos as our island hosts many varieties of “Stone” fruit trees (Plum, Almond, Apricot, Peach, Cherry etc). The video tells the story of Sam Van Aken, a professor of Visual Arts at Syracuse University in rural New York. Van Aken uses tree grafting techniques to join several types of stone fruit trees to a single trunk. The resulting “artwork” takes years to be realized, and as with most grafting the result is never 100% certain. His trees flower and fruit at differing times throughout the summer.

Though Syracuse has typical North American temperate summers, the winters can have severe cold spells with a lot of snow. The growing environment is nothing like the more forgiving agricultural zones of typical orchard areas like those in California (and Skopelos).

Van Aken has wisely chosen local varieties, those which historically have proven they can deal with temperature and weather extremes, to create his artwork.


2 thoughts on “Grafting “stone” fruit trees

  1. Hi Elena – Though nursery bought trees usually are already grafted ,there are several people around who have ‘good’ averages of successful grafting of wild trees. A good one will assess the tree and decide upon the best method as there are several different grafting procedures.

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