Happy New Year

31 August 2016

31 August 2016

(I’d been told that there were 8 Christian Churches on the Athenian Acropolis before the Ottoman takeover. Research undertaken a few hours ago indicates one church on the Acropolis and nine on the slopes around the Acropolis.)

The Orthodox Christian liturgical year begins today.

A whole slew of saints and holies are celebrated today, among them:
Adamantios, Adamantia, Amanda, Athena, Athina, Akrivee, Antigone, Antigoni, Aspasia, Afrodite, Fregia, Diamando, Adamandia, Ada, Dioni, Dodone, Helpiniki, Erasmea, Erato, Evterpi, Thalia, Theano, Theonymphi, Jasmin, Yasmin, Jasmeen, Yasmeen, Ismini, Kaliroi, Kalisti, Kallisto, Clio, Kleonikos, Cleopatra, Kleopatra, Patra, Patroula, Cleo, Koralia, Mando, Mandi, Manto, Margarita, Marianthe, Meletios, Meletis, Melpmene, Moshoula, Ourania, Urania, Rania, Pandora, Pinelopi, Bilio, Polimnia, Polynike, Polyniki, Polyna, Polina, Polytimi, Timi, Rallis, Ralis, Rallia, Raylee, Sapho, Simeon, Terpsihori, Haido, Haideftos, Hariklia, Haroula, Joshua, Jesus of Navi (and others) (source ©: http://www.namedays.gr)

You’ll notice that there are many names from Greek Mythology (Athena, Afrodite, the nine Muses) mixed in with Old Testament names (Adam, Joshua). Meaning? I don’t know. Let’s think about it.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I like that, Tom. Ever since childhood, I’ve felt a certain excitement with the coming of September,and a feeling of a new beginning. Now I know why. Happy New year to you too!

  2. Thanks T.O.H.!
    In the US the first Monday of September is a national holiday called, strangely enough, Labor Day. The new school year, for better or worse, would start soon after. It was really the end of summer and the beginning of something different full of dread and unforeseen opportunities.

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