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Measuring minute changes to the island infrastructure is seldom rewarding. We often point out to the authorities, in one way or another, minor improvements which are not resource intensive or expensive or difficult. Others, like the traffic turnabout at the port crowned by the Arc de Triomphe (link),though seemingly practical, are simply fanciful.

A few weeks ago we noticed one simple effort that shows someone is paying attention. For years on the road opposite Karydia there had been a homemade concrete ramp from the road which “bridges” the street side drainage invert. The ramp left little room for drainage and acted as a litter collector. At times of even light rain water was naturally forced into the roadway. In heavier rain the road flooded creating a dangerous situation and, more importantly, a mess.

Finally the municipality or the water department fixed the problem with a reasonably sized conduit. If it rains in the next few days (predicted) we can observe how well the improvement functions. Good job.


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