Rubbish, Trash, Garbage, etc


A reader wrote a few months ago asking what to do with certain waste he wanted to throw away which was bigger than normal household garbage (building materials etc). There used to be a spot on the Ring Road in the Milos neighborhood where people would dump such things but that place is now is fenced off.

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer.

Some suggestions are:

    Take the stuff to the dump yourself (before noon M-F)
    Pay someone to take it away
    Find someone who is looking for “clean fill” and take it there (the take-away guy probably knows where).

There are municipal garbage rules posted on many of the large plastic receptacles but only in Greek (photo).
Without going through the notice line by line, the basic rule is that everything put in the receptacles must be bagged – nothing loose – including normal household and garden waste.

The notice also reminds us that it is forbidden to throw in the roads, in the forests and parks, in brooks and rivers, or on private property (yours or somebody else’s) any garbage or building materials.

There is included an interesting clause which suggests that ruining the aesthetic (αισθητική) of the place or endangering public health by the illegal dumping of garbage is a no-no. Enforceable? All the rules posted are backed by the relevant articles passed by the municipal council.


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