Sokratis Malamas

Monday will be a big night in Glossa. The much admired singer/songwriter Sokratis Malamas (Σωκράτης Μάλαμας) will perform at the school playground at (about) 9 pm.

For those in Skopelos wishing to attend, tickets and travel arrangements (how civilized!) will be available somewhere at the Skopelos port after 8pm tonight. The organizers have arranged bus transport for those who can’t or don’t wish to truck all the way to Glossa and back. Tickets are 10€ for the concert and maybe a little extra for the bus.

The 10€ ticket fee has been deathly for events at the Skopelos concrete amphitheatre (two events there were woefully under-subscribed) though in Glossa, since the location is central and Malamas is well known, I feel sure that the concert will be packed.

There are lots of YouTube, Vimeo videos of Malamas in concert etc if you care to take a gander.


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