Butterfly Museum ? yes, Butterfly museum

butterfly museum
What if you get stuck in Volos and have a few hours to kill before the boat leaves? Besides shopping, strolling, and taking care of paperwork for the government, on the surface there doesn’t seem to be a lot to do. Muse again, pardner!

Typically (and perhaps unusually) for Greece, there are many, many little specialized museums all over. Usually the result of an individual’s consuming passion, these repositories are small and often occupy a couple of rooms or a floor of the family home.

Sometimes the museums are a gift of a building and its contents to the community as in the Vakratsa House, the Skopelos folklore museum and the Glossa museum. The collections are built around the space and ‘maintained’ by the community. Others, like the tiny Museum of the Resistance in Volos (closed in the summer) are purely private affairs, open to the public for a small fee.

A big surprise for me was the discovery of the “Entomological Museum of Volos”(link) at Zachos and General Makriyannis Streets. The museum is the result of the passion of Dr. Athanasios Koutroumpas for bugs and insects. His collection is mostly but not only butterflies and has 35,000 specimens from all over Greece and Europe. Wow.

You’ll need an appointment to see the collection so call ahead at 24210.48.556 or 24210.60.601. Doctor Koutroumpas will personally show you around! The address is: Zachos and General Makriyannis Streets,  Xiliadou neighborhood, Volos.


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