Many of us remember the little cove of Linarakia (Panormos) before the tasteless behemoth “Green Blue Something or other” was built there. Before this blot went up, the cove consisted of a polite little beach, a tiny cottage or boat house belonging to a fisherman, and an “in scale” larger stone, wood and plaster “Skopelitan Classic” building. About 25 years ago or longer, this building was converted into a cafe/mezedakia and served people using the beach as well as visitors from passing boats.
It was a nice place to stop and refresh after a day on or in the sea.

Over the years the place has developed into a very nice psaro/taverna. Still operated by the Stamatis family, they serve good food and the ambiance is unique. During the day children play in the sea while their parents sit a few meters back “relaxing”. As evening falls the atmosphere changes to quieter with tables under the canopy or right on the beach.

We were regulars there 20 years before when we kept a small boat with a putt-putt pulled up on the beach.
After a day at sea there would be ice cream for the children and a cold drink for parents.

Though last night the place hosted plenty of clients from nearby hotels, there were tables for all and the experience pleasurable.
panormos in 70s


2 thoughts on “Linarakia

  1. It is difficult for humans to alter the natural landscape without losing something. Therefore people who crow about the natural beauty of the island are obliged to “fit” their “alterations” so that the least aesthetic damage occurs.
    Marc Held wrote about this concept in “Skopelos – the landscape and vernacular architecture of an Aegean Island”.
    In the past, building was limited to what you could do with stone, mortar, wood, slate and plaster so buildings were in scale to the landscape – you could only build so high. Enter concrete technology and things changed forever.

    A clever and sensitive architect can design buildings to fit and work with nature.

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