Get yer fun quad here…

Not local file photo

(Not local) file photo

Travelmole(klik), a travel business news site, reports:

“ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) has issued a warning to holidaymakers about the risks of hiring quad bikes on holiday this summer”.

(In typically squishy PR style) Nikki White, ABTA director of destinations and sustainability, said: “Quad biking can be a fun and memorable holiday experience as part of an off-road excursion with a reputable company. However, it can also be extremely high risk to hire a quad bike as a means of transport to get around resorts and to use on main roads.

Apparently the cause of the concern is: “ABTA said in Greece alone there have been five incidents involving holidaymakers and quad bikes since June.” Only? One would have to assume that these are serious accidents involving UK holiday-makers who have been physically damaged enough to require hospitalization. Other nationalities probably have their own dismal records.

Last week a 32 year old Skiathan local died after his ATV quad bike flipped on a main road, tossing the rider and his head to the pavement.

Considered toys by many tourists who simply wish to “try one out” for a few days, these things are a ridiculous addition to the vehicle leasing pool. They are designed to be driven off-road (through the woods etc) and not necessarily on pavement at high speeds. Stand clear!


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