No names, only ages please


I guess that in the newspaper here the names of culprits and victims are never given (until much later, if at all). Probably it is better in a case like this. This local drama was written up in the Volos newspaper Taxydromos a few days ago.

As follows: (the Greek directly from the newspaper, and then my version based upon the article).

Δικογραφία σε βάρος 59 χρονου Αλβανού σχημάτισαν αστυνομικοί στη Σκόπελο, που εξιχνίασαν κλοπή σε αποθήκη στο νησί προ τριών μηνών.

Ο δράστης είχε διαρρήξει αποθήκη* 53χρονου και είχε κλέψει ένα γεωργικό και ένα κλαδευτικό εργαλεία, τα οποία στη συνέχεια πούλησε σε 43 χρονο Έλληνα.

Τα κλοπιμαία βρέθηκαν στην κατοχή του, αναγνωρίστηκαν από τον παθόντα κατασχέθηκαν και αποδόθηκαν, ενώ σε βάρος του αλλοδαπού σχηματίστηκε δικογραφία, που θα σταλεί στον εισαγγελέα.

Charges were filed against a 59 year old Albanian by the police in Skopelos which unraveled a three months old theft from a warehouse on the island.

The perpetrator had burgled the warehouse, owned by a 53 year old, and had stolen one “agricultural”** tool and one pruning tool, which were later sold to a 43 year old Greek.

The stolen goods were found in his (the Greek’s ?) possession, seized, identified, attributed to the victim and charges against the alien will be sent to the prosecutor.

-end of story-
That’s all you need to know. No questions please. Case closed.

*Αποθήκη (Apothiki) can be read as a warehouse, store, storage room, storage building, stock room, cellar.

**I am not sure what exactly what a γεωργικό (georgiko) is (big, small, hand tool, machine?) but it ought to be a tool for working the land. The other tool stolen was a pruner or loper.

Sleep well.


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