Ed and Eleonora

Thursday at sea near the coast.
We were headed out by small boat for a swim. Once we had laid anchor and closed the motor we could hear a loud, un-melodic screeching on the cliffs nearby. In the shadow of the headland there was a dark bird flying here and there while another perched quietly nearby. At one point the flyer seemed to land on the other, made some noise and sudden movements, and then flew off again to return to rest nearby.

Ornithological information suggests that the pair were mating. They probably have a nest in a crevice on the cliff side where (up to four) eggs will be deposited, looked after, and hatched. Mom and dad will feed the young with their choice of small birds during the September-October north to south migration season. In November the family will head for Madagascar (6,500 km, 4000 miles) to winter there and return in April to start all over again.

Bird Life International has a page here (klik)
and the Hellenic Ornithological Society has one here (klik)


One thought on “Ed and Eleonora

  1. Thanks Tom. Its ages since I’ve seen the Stafylos headland with its wild life from that angle. Last time we swam around it with Riginos and Dimitris and noted similar life. Then, what we assumed was a bird of pray, must have lifted something that rightfully belonged to some crows. A whole flock of them in unison were trying to assail the agressor, hiden in a crevice where the crows could not reach it. The vigilance of the crows went on for ages and we left them to it. When we swam back the scene was deceptively quiet and idyllic.

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