Elegant Gulet

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The ship “Black Sea” was in port for a few days. It is a classic Turkish Gulet originally designed (or developed over the years) for transporting freight along the Mediterranean coast.

Today these broad beamed vessels have been converted or purposefully built as people carriers for day or extended cruises. For years gulets were built almost exclusively in Bodrum and Marmaris on Turkey’s southwest coast though today they are constructed in many shipyards in Turkey.

Misleading details about the “Black Sea” can be found by clicking the link. The vessel is clearly not 280m × 70m as listed but perhaps 28m x 7m.
(280 meters is longer than a typical WWII battleship like the Bismarck).

There is an elegance in Turkish naval architecture which never made it to this side of the Aegean. The traditional Greek caiques as built in Skopelos seem “boxier” than gulets though larger Greek caiques were also for the transporting of goods. Their design can be traced to antiquity and changed little over the centuries. Check the bottom of the Aegean for proof.

The Turks arrived in Anatolia in the 11th century, from their landlocked ancestral lands, as nomadic horsemen. They adapted quickly to the sea and by the 13th century were a formidable naval presence in the eastern Mediterranean. The Istanbul Naval Museum is worth the visit if you are ever in Constantinopolis.


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