Keratso’s Day

Cicadas are out - (The photo has no connection to the article!)

Cicadas are out – (The photo has no connection to the article!)

Today (starting at Vespers last evening) we celebrate those women and girls with the name Keratso. Though common in Skopelos (and probably Skiathos, Alonissos and elsewhere in Magnesias) it is a very unusual name . Officially – according to – this is the name day of Kyriakos and includes this list of names as variants of Kyriakos…
Kyriaki, Kiki, Kitsa, Korina, Kitsos, Sundy(!), Domenica, Kyriaca, Ria, Iria, Ia.
The Greek language version of the site includes Kikitsa as well but NO KERATSO.

The closest they get is the name Kerasia whose name day is 20 October.

So what? Well it seems that every fourth local female carries a version of this name and, if you use a search engine like (forget Google) you’ll find people with the name Keratso all over the world – even the name Keratsopoulos shows up.

I wrote an article for the “Real Estate blog” (SkopelosNews) some years ago about the most popular names in Greece. Someone named Harry Foundalis, with a connection to computers at Indiana University, had researched names and written an article which listed the names in order of magnitude.

Keratso didn’t show up. I wrote to him and told him about the name “Keratso”. His reply was that I had to be kidding or I had made a mistake!

This could be an old name as most feminine names end in “η”(i) or a. Names ending with “ω” (o) are much less common and often refer to characters from mythology. See

Anyway… ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ to our Keris. The church is one level down the steps from the platia of Christos church.


One thought on “Keratso’s Day

  1. The names here fascinate me: it’s like living in a myth or an ancient drama – Antigone, Pericles – or living in a happy orchard – Kerasia, Lemonia, Glykeria!

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