In case you missed it (Part II)

DSC01897 - Version 2
The over-decorated Flying Cat 3, sponsored in some way by a former public telecommunications conglomerate, has entered the Northern Sporadian transport fray. A great big ark of a ship, almost 48 meters, it travels at speeds up to 40 knots which promises its 342 passengers 2 hour travel time to Volos from Skopelos.

The Flying Cat 5, catamaran of record for the last few years has a top speed of 30 knots which gives FC#3 a 33% increase in speed over FC#5 (we calculate).

The Flying Dolphin ERATO has a top speed of 33.5 knots.

So what’s the beef? What’s in it for we consumers? Higher telecommunication rates. The exterior paint job (on the HSW high-speed fleet) is courtesy of anyone who uses Cosmote and I’ll bet the rights to splash your company’s logo all over don’t come cheaply. Assuming that Vodafone lost in a sponsorship bidding war a few years ago (remember Vodafone red being everywhere?), Cosmote figured it was worth jacking up your bill to pay for:

    a graphic design firm to come up with the “new look”
    a paint supplier for the tons of paint
    a painting firm to carry out the plan
    a sponsorship contract with Hellenic Seaways

The Cosmote motif is carried on the “High Speed” portion of the Hellenic Seaways fleet which consists of:

    4 Ferries
    4 Flying Cats
    3 Flying Dolphins

That’s a lot of paint, labor and money. Is there free WI-Fi on board?


One thought on “In case you missed it (Part II)

  1. Dear Tom –
    FC 3 is on-line (so far) only for the weekends (Agios Konstantinos and all that). It left Volos this morning and appears (at 3 pm) to be headed for SERIFOS Cyclades.
    Some creative scheduling on HSW’s part.

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