Road wrecked repeatedly

This is getting to be weird. The digging for water pipes that started months ago on the ring road has yet to be finished. The single long trench simply needs to be sealed with either asphalt or concrete.
This task has yet to be done. In the meantime, during dry spells, the sand in the holes turns to a fine dust and the road in places is covered with gravel. The sand and loose gravel is especially dangerous to bicyclists and people on motorbikes.

After a good rain, the runoff empties the trenches of whatever sand and gravel and spreads the stuff far and wide.

It is a problem from Tassos’s ring road furniture shop all the way down to Agio Riganaki (T-Junction).


One thought on “Road wrecked repeatedly

  1. To be fair and give credit where it is due: The municipality was filling the trenches with MORE gravel and sand within 6 hours of the storm. The holes have to be covered with concrete to prevent the same thing happening again.

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