The poster

Οι ΣυμπέθεροιJPEG orange
Isabel just finished the poster for the play. The delay was caused by needing to check, recheck, and check again the Albanian text. Several people were asked to consult but finally Kosmas (the pool guy) came through with definitive spelling and grammar.

As an aside, there are a lot of people here, there, and everywhere who, because of migration or war, have missed years of education in their home language and for economic reasons went to work right away in their host nation. So they missed being educated there too.

Back to the play – The poster indicates that the event is not suitable for children under 12. The language is Greek with a minor smattering of English. The duration may be as long as 2 hours. It will be performed out of doors – so feel free to walk in and sit down or stand in the back. As usual admission is free but a donation upon expulsion is appreciated. Look for the boxes.

There were some inadvertent lapses in the previous article. I forgot that the real names for the Albanian couple were Bukaran and Clabetta. They are addressed at first during the play as Sir Winston and Lady Elizabeth.

Magda Stivachti – Paulina
Magda Patsi – Penny
Ilias Pachis – Lykourgos
Kostas Skouras – Vasilis
Rania Lithadioti – Lisa
Jimmy Alvanos – Alfred
Adonis Balabanis – Bukaran (Sir Winston)
Nina Charnaskaya – Clabetta (Lady Elizabeth)
Kosta Psathas – Nikitas


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