Found thing

Sometimes you wonder… This construction, found at the Agion Panton holy site (which co-exists as a garbage dump, car park, building supplies resting and transfer area, and water source) at Aloupi, might have an interesting story.

No one is around to ask about the initial thinking behind the object. Was the motivating factor in this creation merely the physical balance of the various parts? Or was there thought given to fitting the parts together for “visual balance” as well? Was it something that “worked” the first time it was assembled or did the object require several attempts at “part re-positioning” to reach the final effect? Or was the whole idea simply to achieve an economy of space and/or ease of retrievability so that the Municipal rubbish team could easily scoop it up, throw it in the truck and take it to the dump?

Perhaps a brass plaque with identifying information will be fastened to the wall as the object is intended to be permanently “installed” there for all to enjoy.

Usually these things take on a new life after installation as other unknown contributors add to what they think is simply a pile of garbage someone left behind.


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