A tree busted off at Agnontas

DSC01439Those who liked to sit under or near the exotic tree at Pavlos taverna in Agnontas had better bring their own tree next time. The brine tolerant tree, unusual for Skopelos, was damaged by wind a few day ago and sadly needed to be removed. The stump is still there showing extensive termite infestation (it was hollow) which contributed to its demise.

Thanasis hopes that the trunk will sprout new shoots and recover. In the meantime there is now room for a couple of more waterfront tables.

There was an identifying note tacked to the tree though now I can’t recall the name.

In happier times

In happier times


6 thoughts on “A tree busted off at Agnontas

    • Thanks Colette, Almiritsa – maybe “Almyritsa” from “Αλμυρό” – meaning salt or brine. That makes sense but it has a more formal name and, if I recall, is rare in Greece.

  1. Hi Andrea – I guess not but maybe same family? I really don’t know. Somebody, a botanist from the Royal Horticultural Society, identified the tree and a note was attached to it.

  2. Thank you, Kjell. I thought that I remembered a tree name with “Jerusalem” in it, but couldn’t verify.

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