A peek at a refuge

DSC01249This is a view across the Stafilos valley from Skopelos to Evvia. The mountains are part of the Tsiloneri – Ortari wildlife refuge (Καταφύγιο άγριας ζωής Τσιρλονέρι- Ορτάρι). The refuge covers 170 sq km. This part of Evvia is 57 km from Skopelos.
Skopelos Evvia

Sometimes, the compactness of Greece is stunningly apparent, especially on a clear day (or in an airplane). With the right atmosphere, central Greece and the southern Pindus, especially Mt Parnassus (115 km distant) can be seen to the west from higher elevations on Skopelos. Mt. Olympus (150 km distant) is often a striking presence on the horizon to the north, especially with winter snow. Mt. Athos – the Holy Mountain – 120 km away, sometimes seems to be in our backyard.


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