No fires today or tomorrow


To those locals cleaning their land and plan to burn branches and piles of whatever, please don’t. In fact, you’d better not because such fires are illegal until this Friday.

Fire Chief Evangelos Karamintzas announced the ban yesterday due to expected strong winds (the wind came up just now at 08:10) Wednesday and Thursday.


2 thoughts on “No fires today or tomorrow

  1. How does Evangelos Karamintzas “announce” his bans to the Island residents? Your post was the first we had heard of this one, although I doubt anyone would be daft enough to burn branches in today’s gale. We recently discovered that he has also banned fires in the afternoons after a friend was rudely threatened with a fine by the Fire Chief. I have no idea how I would have found out unless I knew the person that was threatened!

  2. Hi Cliff –
    I haven’t a clue how the “announcement'” is actually announced. I read about it in the local Greek blog – – It’s true enough that such important news should be distributed more efficiently to be really effective. I feel that we foreign permanent residents, as an entity, are simply forgotten in the rush to announce the announcement.

    I’ll see if I can get some straight info about the rules (P.M. burning, etc) directly from the Fire Department and post it here.

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