Towards a “green” energy island

There is scheduled a talk on Saturday eve at 6pm by for people involved professionally in Green energy solutions for communities.
Their presentation will include examples of similar proposals for other islands and communities who have succeeded, or are in the design phase.

The speakers are:
Konstantinos Katopis
Engineer, member Greek Scientific Union for Wind Energy

Apostolos Panagiotou
Professor Emeritus University of Athens

Michalis Prodromou
consultant Energy Policy WWF Greece

Dimitris Tsoukalas
Former mayor Anavras Magnesias

I don’t know anything of the speakers except Dimitris Tsoukalas (purple arrow on poster). He was the mayor of Anavra, a village high on Mt Othryrs, which through his vision and leadership has become a model of a sustainable development. The village of just under 1000 inhabitants is energy self-sufficient due to wind power. The story of the village has been covered many times over the years in the media. Simple internet search will reveal more information.


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