Eternal twists and turns

The political news in Greece has been pretty boring since the Syriza coalition, after arguing valiantly and convincingly against the criteria set up by the troika, acquiesced to Greece’s creditors. Since then the news has been as gray-flanneled as Mr. Junker’s best suit.

Giving a little spark to the hum-drum was an initiative revived by the government to investigate the mishandling of the Greek economy by the previous ruling parties PASOK and Nea Demokratia.
These two parties are basically family affairs who, one way of the other, have been molding the Greek economy to their advantage since the 1920s. The two families, each connected with Eleftherios Venizelos either by blood Mitsotakis [ND], or politically Papandreou [Pasok], have been in power or really close to power for almost 100 years.

Of course the influence of powerful families on government policy is not unique to Greece. Using politics for personal gain is also part of the way the system sustains itself (and also the cause of Hillary Clinton’s image problem).

A short description of the parliamentary inquiry passed by the Syriza Coalition was presented in Financial Times and reiterated here.

One of the reasons for the Syriza election victory January 2015 was the popular desire for change from the same old parties who got Greece into this economic mess. Syriza was seen as outsiders, in government but on the edges of power and influence.

Good luck to the inquiry. I’m not sure how deeply the current government is rooted in the history of Greek politics, but certainly, in comparison, not very.


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