A waste of thyme?

Actual evidence photo

Actual evidence photo

Every once in a while there is an article posted in Taxydromos which causes wonder.
This article, which can be read or translated from here, was posted Thursday.

The basics are:
A 35 year old Voliotis was arrested for hydroponic cultivation of “hashish”.
Among evidence collected for prosecution were:

    four seedlings cannabis, amounting to fifty centimeters cultivated with the hydroponic method,
    (34) hemp seeds
    air generating motor,
    two light bulbs
    cardboard box with styrofoam and aluminum foil lining.

OK – fair enough. But was it worth it?

    Was it worth it for the poor sap whose hobby was discovered and who obviously spent some time (clearly not enough) creating what appears to be a totally inefficient “growing” system? The plants confiscated totaled “50cm in height”. That averages to 12cm (5 inches) per plant.

    Was it worth it for the cops to spend their valuable time busting this loser, confiscating and documenting (note photo) the evidence (probably found in a closet in his bedroom)?

    Was it worth it for the newspaper Taxydromos to write up and waste space on this “story”?

    Was it worth it for me to reprint and editorialize the article here in SkopelosArts?

    Was it worth it for you to read it?

Ay caramba !

I wonder who turned him in. His mom?


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