Busy day Sunday

Along with the Trata and the temporary removal of a carbuncle from the nose of Skopelos (more info later), a forest fire broke out in the Karya region Sunday afternoon.
By 2pm the fire had already been burning for at least an hour and the local fire brigade was assembling equipment and personnel at the location. By 4pm two (at least) Canadair fire dousing aircraft had arrived and were making repeated water bombing runs and refilling their tanks in the sea. It was difficult for me to tell whether there were 2 or 4 airplanes in all. If there were only two planes, they needed about 15-16 minutes to make a sortie. If there were 4 planes then the water-bombing circuit needed only 8 minutes to complete.



Towards sunset a large helicopter carrying specially trained firefighters from Athens landed at the local heliport. We have read that firefighters from Skiathos and Volos arrived on the island with the Flying Cat late in the day. The fire is out, extinguished, done, finished.

“More info later” Dept
At the port in the meantime a local landmark (unfortunately) was being manhandled for maintenance.
Big crane, lots of opinions, finally the hoisting. A diver hired to organize the various rigging options beneath the boat discovered more flood debris on the harbor bed (motorcycle, big trash container and other odds and ends).


At last the Trata. Four of five ships headed out from Panagia Eleftherotria at 3:30pm. Such a late start meant that the traditional ending in the sea would be delayed until after evening shadows had taken the beachhead.risogalo6Mar16



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