Plates and bowls (plates mostly)

We passed by the Armoloi Ceramic Workshop yesterday to see the progress of their recovery after the flood. As many are aware the workshop building was pretty much destroyed and a lot of painted and unpainted pottery lost (washed away or smashed). There was also extensive equipment damage. Piece by piece they have putting it all back together with the help of volunteers and donations from the community.

Naturally the business of the workshop stopped for over two months for cleaning and repairing. Elena began painting again in early December and then in January took two weeks off to attend the birth of her granddaughter (!) in Athens. The ceramics in the photo are the result of two months of painting done while also overseeing the continued work on structural repairs to the workshop and grounds. Impressive. Some of the pieces shown in the photos are headed to the Benaki Museum.



2 thoughts on “Plates and bowls (plates mostly)

  1. Great to see the workshop up and running. Really admirable how Elena has despite the adversity of the past months managed continue with such creative energy.

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