"Why so calm? The answer is here."

“Why so calm? The answer is here.”

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Uncooperative weather for certain tasks has been with us the last few days. I’ve struggled to burn some olive branches without any help from a breeze from my location facing North East and in the lee of a mountain.

Taking a look at a Pressure Chart from 08:00 shows why. We are experiencing a weak high (H) atmospheric pressure over the eastern Mediterranean which causes very gentle air circulation moving clockwise from the south. Further west over Italy is an area of weak low (L) pressure with gentle breezes rotating counterclockwise.

Variations in pressure are noted with the use of “isobars” – the contour lines on the map above. The closer the isobars appear to each other indicates greater wind speeds.

The real action on the map above appears to be east of Greenland and west of Norway with significantly low pressure system
with barometric pressure reading 961 and another one right behind it reading 971. Chances are very good that we here in Skopelos have nothing to worry about though it appears as if Hammerfest might get pasted.


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