Moon farming

Prasorema watershed

Prasorema watershed

For the next two weeks we are experiencing the waxing phase of the moon. Skopelos old timers consulted the moon phases to time their agricultural activities. The concept is that the waxing moon pulls water (nutrients) from the earth to help young plants that fruit above ground. During the waxing phase more sap runs so it is a good time, in season, for planting and grafting.

The time for planting crops that fruit below ground (carrots and potatoes) is after the full moon when, it is thought, the gravitation pull of the moon lessens – thereby keeping water in the ground.

According to theory, the optimal harvest should take place during the full moon (Harvest moon) as fruit and vegetables should be at their juiciest.

When asked about this theory, one “retired” farmer told me that in the past marriages were scheduled according to the moon – as it was more fruitful to wed during the increasing moon.

New moon 08 February 2016 14:39
First quarter 15 February 2016 07:47
Full moon 22 February 2016 18:20
Last quarter 01 March 2016 23:11
New moon 09 March 2016 01:55


One thought on “Moon farming

  1. Old timers and people of traditional habits still observe some day to day events in accordance with the movements of the lunar calendar. Events considered positive, such as for example a marriage contract, or an engagement would be planned for when the moon was waxing, whereas a matter considered of negative nature, such as for example an exhumation of a family members bones, would be planned for when the moon was waning.

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