Hermes Ἑρμής Mercury

These early mornings before sunrise those with an eye to the sky can catch a glimpse of Mercury.
Known to the Greeks as Ἑρμής, and to the scarf people as Hermes, this tiny planet us usually difficult to see. It orbits close to the sun which most of the time overpowers the planet.

There were suggestions that for the following week one could only view Mercury an hour and a half before sunrise which would be a little before 06:00 (in the southeastern sky). I had briefly contemplated rising early one day to drive to a spot with a view to the southeastern horizon to see the spectacle – but never made it. As our view to the southeast is occluded by Palouki I figured that seeing Mercury was a lost cause.

The photo above was taken this morning at about 06:15-06:30. It shows Venus/Afrodite in the upper right and Mercury/Hermes(!) left of center. The planet was very clear to the naked eye and the little camera was able to pick it out. Don’t be fooled by the three street lights at bottom. [photo enlarges with a click]

Here below is a chart of the inner planets courtesy of Chris Peat’s great site
Mercury – green
Venus – white
Earth – blue
Mars – red
Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 6.42.14 PM


One thought on “Hermes Ἑρμής Mercury

  1. I see many things early in the morning, not seen any other time of the day but my camera does not take such powerful clean pics. Thanks!

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