Agapi and Imeros



Agapi (of Anna’s Restaurant in Gyftorema) has a new spot in Central Athens. The “Imeros” cafe is serves coffee, lunch and a selection of wine from 11am to 7pm everyday. The location is 27 Imerou St. in Kolonaki. Telephone – 210-3461117

It appears from the photos that it is decorated beautifully with some artwork by familiar names.

A blurb from an Athenian blog relates the following:
“The Imeros cafe for lunch and wine in the center of Athens is a welcome proposal, a protected and calm space for your break to meet friends.
It offers coffee, drinks, suggestions for wine and a small but gourmet menu to satisfy and nourish your palette. Calm music and art objects tastefully complement the environment and inspire moments of well-being.”

Imeros on Facebook

Agapi 2
agapi 1


2 thoughts on “Agapi and Imeros

  1. It is a really nice spot! Agapi serves delicious pasta with pesto of your choice[coriander,basil,red peppers] and pork with prunes and caramelised onions! Very central, Omirou 27 str..

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