Boat service news

3Deck3Sept15 copy
Islanders with plans to travel should know that this week’s 48 hour seaman’s strike has been extended to 96 hours.

As Robert Redford might say, “All is not lost”, as there will probably be a surprise mercy visit by the mighty “Proteus” with supplies for the island. Call Madro 24240-22145 or Lemonis Agency 24240-22363 for Proteus details. Apostolos at Hellenic Seaways can be telephoned at 24240-22767.

The 14 separate unions who together represent the seamen (and seawomen) have called another 48 hour strike next week, 27 and 28 January (Wednesday and Thursday).

If they go ahead with next week’s strike there will probably be an early morning Flying Cat to Volos on Wednesday and the morning Proteus from Glossa to Volos. This info is based upon what happened with the boats this week in which both left and didn’t come back.


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