It’s a fine time

Tom & Isabel JPG copy
We are at it again ‘cept this time we will show together. We have new work; Isabel’s fine collection of painting/collage on paper, and Tom’s foray into the sordid world of painting on ceramic.

First some examples from Isabel. In my opinion some of her best work visually with very engaging “narratives”.
Great color and shape selection along with whimsical placement of collage figures. All are 45 x 56cm.

Under the guidance of Elena Lambrou of the Armoloi Ceramics workshop, I (Tom) tentatively tried painting on ceramic a few times over the winter at Armoloi Ceramics to very limited success. However there was something that I enjoyed about the process and, with Elena’s help, ordered some pitchers, tiles and plates along with powdered glaze which I could use in my own studio whenever I wished. The results were way more coherent and interesting. A glimmer of hope.

I understood immediately that brush painting on three dimensional surfaces was not at all akin to using a brush on a flat plane. A second difficulty was the nature of the powdered glazes. At my stage it was impossible to tell how much water to mix in order to get a opaque or transparent color down. The more I worked the easier it became. Trial and error with a lot more error thrown in. And then there is the firing!

Different sizes: 1/2 liter pitchers (for wine drinking 8 year olds), 1 liter pitchers, tiles 15cm square, plates 24cm diameter.


7 thoughts on “It’s a fine time

  1. Hello Isabel and Tom,Congratulations on the show! It looks beautiful and I wish I could come to see it! May be nxt time.I am just getting ready to go to Berlin this September where I am going to stay for 2 months.All the best Daniel

    • Thanks Daniel! We are heading down to the opening momentarily. Should be fun though the weather is very hot. I’ll pass your news on to Takis.

    • Thanks S – the ceramic pieces are all hidden away until we get there at about 20:45 or 21:00. We put them back on display and then take them away at midnight as the gallery remains open until 01:00 or so.

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