The Traditional Costume of Skopelos meets the Fashion Runway in Athens!

On Thursday June 28, Akto School of Art and Design in Athens hosted it’s annual fashion show featuring original designs created by students in the Bachelor of Arts Fashion Design program. Student designers presented an impressive collection of modern, innovative fashions based on the theme of “Traditional Regional Costumes of Greece”.

Second year student, Miranda Dempsey, an American who grew up on Skopelos, naturally chose the Skopelitan costume as her source of inspiration. Before creating her own contemporary designs, as part of her course of study, she researched in depth the traditional costumes from two different regions of Greece. She found Kyria Marika Papaxristou’s book on Skopelitan Dress to be an invaluable resource. Miranda explains that along with knowledge of design, pattern making and materials, it’s essential to have an understanding of how fashion relates to history, identity and culture. She selected elements of the Skopelitan costume – the deep pleating, the wide border of the skirt and decorative gold embroidary – and transposed them to complement the modern mini-dress.

“As a student, it was a terrific experience to participate in a fashion show and see my finished designs featured on the runway! It was especially nice to have the opportunity to work with the traditional costume of Skopelos, my favorite island and my home.”

Fashion photos courtesy Anna Tsiapouri Matrali


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