Really Nice Start

This is the beginning of a painting done by Skopelos artist Thanasis Pitsounis. He has just sketched in the shapes and applied basic color. I really liked the graphic impact and simple organization so I photographed the work before he continued.

If possible I’ll find the “completed” painting and post it soon.

In the words of the great art critic Joni Mitchell – “(That) you don’t know what you’ve got,’til it’s gone”
Here’s hoping.


2 thoughts on “Really Nice Start

  1. Hi Elena – the reason for the photo was that the painting was very strong at that early stage. His wise teacher wanted him to stop or at least put the painting aside for a while and let it “sink in”. He continued to work on the painting and I don’t know what happened.

    Sometimes you start (an artwork) with a goal in mind and fail to see what is being revealed along the way. Sometimes it is hard to shake your original idea and accept that accidents will happen, good and bad, and you can end up with a very nice but unintentional result.

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