More Nikos Markou

I thought it might be nice if we collected, via this blog, some additional images of ceramics by Nikos Markou. I don’t know if an archive exists but it might be nice for the family. If you have a piece that Niko made and can photograph it, please send the photo along to me and I will post it. Send small size (500kb or less)jpeg photos via email to me. tom(papaki) “Papaki” is Greek for duckling, motorbike and the “@” symbol. Please tell your friends!
These are from our house….


2 thoughts on “More Nikos Markou

  1. It\s a very nice iniative you took,I will contact friends that have a small collection of Nikos ceramics,and will send you photos that we have.Thanks a lot .Elena

  2. You are welcome. As an artist I know that work gets scattered, and unless there is some kind of record, they are in a way lost. It would be great to have an archive.

    All of us should be doing this (archiving) with our own work. Especially now that digital photography makes the task easier and inexpensive.

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