Nikos Markou

It has been three years since we lost Nikos Markou – an artist in every sense of the word. Nikos founded Armoloi shop and became a painter and creator of ceramics.

The text above, roughly translated says, ” Nikos was born and lived in Kastoria until he went to Thessaloniki. In the 1970s he came to Skopelos. It was there that ceramics took precedence over other artforms. His work can be found in homes and private collections all over the world”.

Last Saturday in Thessaloniki there was a party in remembrance of Nikos at Palermo Cafe on Aristotelous Street. Members of his family -Elena and Dimitra, and friends all brought a piece by Nikos to display.

As you can see, the work displayed captures Nikos” creativity, and his sense of beauty as well as his humor.

Each image can be enlarged by clicking.


6 thoughts on “Nikos Markou

  1. This comment got lost in another section of SkopelosArts…
    from Eirini (?)….

    “καταπληκτικος ο Νικολακης παντα με ξαφνιάζει μπραβο του…”

    “the amazing Nikos always surprises, Bravo to him…”

    • Unpacking some stored items I came across couple of Markou objects (two platters of different size), but I see in the images above that you already have the kind which is the oblong type with the fish skeleton with the head and tail pronounced in green colour.

  2. Nikos was prolific and yet to the last I felt a kind of dissatisfaction in him when he viewed his creations; as if he has not done full justice to the object. He never took his artistic abilities for granted in spite of his creations selling well and strove. to bring out with his abilities the most original and best.

  3. My heart is breaking, now that I’ve just learned about Nikos. I last saw him in 1976 in Skopelos and lost touch afterward. Today I found him again, too late. I’m so happy that he followed his bliss, became a creator and painter of ceramics. He was an artist, completely. A beautiful person. A kind person with a wonderful sense of humor. I remember his poetry and his friendship. He will remain in my thoughts, where he has been for 43 years. My deepest sympathy and love to all of his family.

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