Auction Success at Gray Gallery

The Artist Collective Gray Gallery staged a successful auction last night in Skopelos. The auction was to raise funds to keep the gallery operating. A large group of eager supporters from all over the world crowded the narrow street as Takis Moschos took charge of the action. Some very nice pieces were auctioned at very good prices. The artists would like to thank their supporters for their generosity.

These are photos taken mostly during the preview as I was very busy during the auction. If any readers have some good photos of Takis “working the crowd” please send them via email and I will post them.

Auction Preview Jet Set

Takis the Auctioneer

Preview warm-up

On the Road

Tony reads secret bid from mysterious buyer

Takis works part of the crowd


2 thoughts on “Auction Success at Gray Gallery

  1. It was obviously a good night for the buyers. The Gray Gallery artists showed their commitment and generosity by offering very good art at very low starting prices. Now a lot of artwork is distributed within the community for people to enjoy. The Gallery will survive and there will be more exhibitions and the audience will return.

    There is talk of a group show soon so that the Gallery walls are not bare.

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