A Bit More Haralambakis

I took a fresh look at Ilias Haralambakis’ paintings today at the Gray Gallery. It wasn’t open but I got in. It was nice to see the work again because opening nights can be busy.

I took photos of these two painting as I liked them very much. I like an idea of order when I look at paintings and these too seemed to have that. It looks as if Ilias “painted back in” with a light color in both to define the shapes better.
Nice work!


One thought on “A Bit More Haralambakis

  1. Really enjoyed going to the gallery and seeing this ending weeks exhibition. If my financial resouces werent somewhat deplenished I would probably have bought one of the paintings …….the one in the corner, just above the desk.

    I feel though that In general the works in this years exhibitions programme have been far superior in their artistic merit than those in the last season. Good for you artists!

    ………………..still my favourite exhibition this season remains to be the collective exhibition of Tom’s students. ……..I liked the community feel about it with all the relations of the students around, giving the event an atmosphere of warmth………and ……….I am lost for words.

    Must nip off to see the last moments of the Haralambakis display.

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